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A natural extract from a unique Italian fruit Citrus Bergamot

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BergaMet Pro+


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BergaMet - What is it, and how does it work?

Bergamot was known through traditional use of the fruit in Calabrian regions for decades as having beneficial effects in supporting and promoting health. Bergamot differs from other citrus fruits not only because of the composition of its antioxidant flavonoids, but because of their particularly high content. Flavonoids polyphenols such as Naringin and Neohesperin may assist maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

unique ways  May assist in the maintenance of normal healthy blood sugar/glucose levels in healthy individuals
May assist in the maintenance of normal/healthy cholesterol levels in healthy individuals
May assist in the maintenance of a normal/healthy LDL:HDL cholesterol ratio
A rich source of antioxidants and flavonoids.

'Always read the label' and 'Use only as directed'

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Bergamet is an Australian listed product (173253) Bergamet Mega +O (201141) on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods

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